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Intruder Alarms Sunderland
NHS Pathology Centre
Security Installation, Gateshead
The Project
Our specialist security installers were contacted by The Pathology Centre in Sunderland to provide them with high quality, reliable security solutions that would ensure the utmost protection and safety for both staff and patients. These security solutions included intruder alarms, disabled toilet alarms, access control and a PA system amongst other specialist systems.

We met with the client at their site in Sunderland to discuss their individual requirements, and to discuss the different systems that we can install that would meet their needs. After a collaborative decision was made we delivered a high quality, high performance system that provided them with the security they needed, with fantastic feedback from the client.

Not only this, but we also took a survey of the site, which allowed us to discover the key points that the systems would be installed at. This included entrances for the access control system, various points to install sensors for the intruder alarm and the different rooms which would need the PA system to be wired up to, allowing for easy communication.
Intruder Alarms Sunderland
Our access control systems provide the utmost safety for staff and patients by stopping unauthorised personnel from accessing the site.
Gatehead Access Control Gatehead Access Control Gateshead Access Control
Intruder Alarms Sunderland
Utilising the latest technology, our specialist PA systems allow staff to communicate easily and efficiently at all times.
How We Helped
Utilising the latest technology, our access control systems are able to provide The Pathology Centre in Sunderland with the utmost protection and security by preventing unauthorised personnel from accessing the site. Not only this, but the access control system also prevents patients from accessing areas such as the medication closet, protecting everybody in the vicinity at all times.

Our specialist intruder alarms were also installed across the site to deter intruders and other forms of criminals from the property. Not only does this allow the site to stay a safe place for patients and visitors alike, it also allows staff to continue working without worry.

Not only did we install these security systems, we also provided the clients with a range of solutions to ensure the protection of both staff and patients, including:

Intruder Alarms Sunderland Disabled toilet alarms to allow patients to contact staff in an emergency easily
Intruder Alarms Sunderland Specialist PA systems to enable easier communication between staff and patients
Intruder Alarms Sunderland Video access which enables the staff to visibly see the person at the door
Intruder Alarms Sunderland
"I couldn't have asked for better and my high expectations were beaten by the service provided by Automatic Security Services"

- Pathology Centre Head Doctor
Intruder Alarm Sunderland
Intruder Alarms Sunderland
Intruder Alarms Sunderland
Intruder Alarm Sunderland
Intruder Alarms Sunderland
Intruder Alarm Sunderland
Intruder Alarms Sunderland
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